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Activities of the Sacred Fire

Mrs. Ballard's Instruction on THE ELECTRON:
In and around every force field, discord condenses as a substance. The same accumulates again in the force field around the cell, until it densifies to the point where the Light is closed out. In the organs, the force field again is clouded by the discord accumulated through the past. It requires the Blue Lightning of the Cosmic Christ to shatter and break apart the accumulated discord, so it can be more quickly consumed by the Violet Consuming Flame—God’s Forgiving Love...

Mrs. Ballard's Instruction on AN ADORATION TO THE VIOLET FLAME:
The Use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only way provided by God the “Mighty I AM Presence,” so human beings in this world can become Ascended Masters, forever free from all discord. It is the Grace to which Beloved Jesus referred; the Flame of the Transfiguration and the Resurrection, by which He accomplished the Ascension. By Its Cosmic Action, all can become purified and brought into Divine Order harmoniously and permanently. ...Every individual must, someday, sometime, somewhere, become Free from all that is not Perfection.

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