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Mrs. Ballard's Talks

Mrs. Ballard's Talks on Cassette

Edna W. Ballard, the Accredited Messenger of the Beloved Saint Germain, brought us the Law through Saint Germain's Instruction. Under the direct guidance of Saint Germain, she expanded the "I AM" Activity through many "I AM" Sanctuaries and Temples.

In the early days of the "I AM" Activity, these talks given by Mrs. Ballard on the Law of life, energy, and vibration, and covering a range of topics, were broadcast worldwide. God in Action; Power of Decreeing; Law of Forgiveness; Use of the "I AM" in Business; America’s Destiny; and others.

Edna Ballard’s Instruction on various topics: God in Action; The Power of Decreeing and the Law of Forgiveness; Miracles of Light; America’s Destiny; and others.

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