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    The Saint Germain Series, published by the Saint Germain Press, is a growing collection of twenty Volumes. Each Book is dedicated in deepest Eternal Love and Gratitude to the Beloved Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings whose Words are "Cups of Light" to the world.

    Each Book carries a definite Radiation of the Ascended Masters who are working for the Freedom of America and the world.


    The Hardbound Edition
    Each hardbound copy of The Voice of the "I AM" contains twelve monthly magazines for a given year. They are a facsimile copy as originally published and give the reader original Materials from the Beloved Ascended Masters as well as Ascended Masters' Explanations of the Law of Life and Decrees for the Blessing of America and the world.

  • The Recommended Personal Readings are the Books below. You may order them by clicking on the links below.

    There are three parts of the "Recommended Readings" section. The first gives an overview of the three Books of the Saint Germain Series recommended. The second gives information about the first three bound Volumes of The Voice of the "I AM," the Saint Germain Foundation's Magazine first published in 1936. The third and last part explains the recommended Decree Booklets.

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