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Cha Ara - 1949-01-30


Cha Ara - 1949-05-23


Cha Ara - 1950-05-02


Cha Ara - 1951-10-07

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  • Cha Ara - 1949-01-30

    Dictation given on January 30, 1949 in Chicago 73 min Watch feeling carefully in anything you meet in the outer world I want to fulfill the Divine Plan but Until you take the Master Hand and compel outer to be suntil, if you don't govern it, it...

  • Cha Ara - 1949-05-23

    Dictation given on May 23, 1949 in San Francisco 85 min The Body is the Temple of most High, cells encased in discordLanto released Light through bodyRequirement of all healing. Healing is release of Light within nervous systemYour responsibility to...

  • Cha Ara - 1950-05-02

    Dictation given on May 2, 1950 in Chicago 42 min Cosmic Blue Flame of Immortal LoveWatch carefully feeling at stomach in response to anything you meetWhat Angelic Host have done to protect youFulfillment of Decrees. Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Judgment

  • Cha Ara - 1951-10-07

    Dictation given on October 7, 1951 in Shasta Springs 42 min Ascended Master Consciousness, Feeling Whatever you send out determines what will come back to you. Once we give you these Gifts they are for your use Place to work is on your solar...