Cosmos Dictations

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Cosmos - 1949-04-29

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Cosmos - 1950-10-26


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Cosmos - 1954-11-11`

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  • Cosmos

    Dictation given on December 26, 1956 in Chicago 33 min When we speak of the Two Secret Rays, Inner and outer That has something to do with the Unfed Flame in your heart When you are ready to fulfil your Divine Plan, all the Sacred Fire you have drawn is...

  • Cosmos - 1949-04-29

    Dictation given on April 29, 1949 in San Diego 72 min Each of you is a miniature Sun from the Great Central Sun "I AM" Guardian of the Door of the Love of the Cosmic Christ Beloved Jesus' experience just before the Ascension

  • Cosmos - 1950-10-26

    Dictation given on October 26, 1950 in Santa Fe 41 min Demand the Immortal Power of Cosmic Love to sweep into Nation "I AM" the Cosmic Law of Victorious Action Here; the human will go elsewhere Compel Purification in the government, in the desires of...

  • Cosmos - 1954-11-11`

    Dictation given on November 11, 1954 in Los Angeles 36 min I would ask for your cooperation for Calls for Dispensations from Great Central Sun Secret Powers from Great Central Sun into all conditions of your Land My Two Secret Rays for the defense...