God Harmony Dictations

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God Harmony - 1949-01-27


God Harmony - 1949-05-09


God Harmony - 1953-12-02

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God Harmony - 1957-09-16


God Harmony - 1957-11-25


God Harmony - 1964-09-08


God Harmony - 1968-09-18

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  • God Harmony - 1949-01-27

    Dictation given on January 27, 1949 in Chicago 78 min Call the Victory of My Cosmic Harmony I direct Legions of the Flame of Invincible Harmony through constructive music Explanation of difference between psychic forces and Messenger receiving...

  • God Harmony - 1949-05-09

    Dictation given on May 9, 1949 in Los Angeles 71 min In help others, do not allow them to describe in detail their problems Govern your speaking voice, hold it in a lower register with a very great sense of kindness We can only come when you hold over a...

  • God Harmony - 1957-09-16

    Dictation given on September 16, 1957 in Shasta Springs 36 min Harmony is more valuable than all wealth on the planetWithout harmony there is no freedom, health or VictoryGreat Central Sun's Indestructible HarmonyGolden Ages of the past disintegrated by...

  • God Harmony - 1957-11-25

    Dictation given on November 25, 1957 in Santa Fe 30 min The meaning of "Radiation" Our responsibility in the use of energy. Problems are a lack of harmony Protection of something you want to accomplish Tube of Light with Ascended Master Light...

  • God Harmony - 1964-09-08

    Dictation given on September 8, 1964 in Shasta Springs 38 min Call for Sacred Fire Immortal Harmony How to feel Immortal Harmony. Harmony means Victory in your affairs There is a Great Divine Plan of Life Charge your atmosphere with Ascended Master...

  • God Harmony - 1968-09-18

    Dictation given on September 18, 1968 in Shasta Springs 43 min Whatever you ask for yourselves, ask for all life Charge gardens with the "I AM" Miracle Music of the Spheres Music; ask It to teach you of Itself To use this Law just for yourselves is not...