K-17 Dictations

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K-17 - 1951-10-10


K-17 - 1955-09-20


K-17 - 1956-10-27


K-17 - 1959-01-14


K-17- 1954-01-08

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  • K-17 - 1951-10-10

    Dictation given on October 10, 1951 at Shasta Springs Keep up the guard over yourselves "I AM" the Guard established, sustained. "I AM" always God Commanded and God Controlled Akashic Records, etheric records Fill all in Congress with the Cosmic...

  • K-17 - 1955-09-20

    Dictation given on September 20, 1955 in Shasta Springs 39 min Life always offers individuals three opportunities to avoid mistakes When We find individuals determined to do as they please regardless of warnings, We take Our hands off Govern sympathy,...

  • K-17 - 1956-10-27

    Dictation given on October 27, 1956 in Chicago 29 min Demand illumination Inner and outer that the hordes of shadows dare not approach There is no stopping the return of cause and effect upon those who generate discord Dictators of the world are My...

  • K-17 - 1959-01-14

    Dictation given on January 14, 1959 in Chicago 44 min K-17 is in charge of the Inner Secret Service Radiation of dope is like an anesthetic When your motive is right, greater Powers can assist you. Archangel Michael has anchored certain Activities here...

  • K-17- 1954-01-08

    Dictation given on January 8, 1954 in Chicago 33 min Great Central Sun's Secret Protection of America End of age is here. Last chance being given The World is My Home, to do is My Religion My Religion in the outer world might be called a...