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Morya - 1955-01-03


Morya El


Morya El - 1949-03-19


Morya El - 1950-05-04

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  • Morya - 1955-01-03

    Dictation given on January 3, 1955 in Chicago 26 min Every time there is a Manifestation of some great flash of Light, everyone is in a flurry We never know what failure is; Victorious Manifestations Call Cosmic Christ Annihation and Cosmic Christ...

  • Morya El

    Dictation given on December 7, 1956 in Chicago 30 min What your love for the Sacred Fire can do for you. Power of the Sacred Fire Dispensations. Delightful experiences as love to "Presence" increases Pay no attention to outer world discordant conditions...

  • Morya El - 1949-03-19

    Dictation given on March 19, 1949 in Philadelphia 54 min Rainbow of Cosmic Beings over America; feel deeply the Reality of Its Mighty Blessing Every unkindness is a dishonor to God Mankind can't get along without Us Mankind has used faculties to design...

  • Morya El - 1950-05-04

    Dictation given on May 4, 1950 in Chicago 45 min Retreats within Nations-every Nation has at least one RetreatTonight I shall reveal to you a few secrets of the Cosmic LawOpen-ended Cross means the great Currents of Life"God Presence" does not require...