Pelleur Dictations

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Pelleur - 1955-09-22


Pelleur - 1962-09-21


Pelleur - 1963-04-19


Pelleur. - 1951-10-08


Pelleur. - 1953-12-28

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  • Pelleur - 1955-09-22

    Dictation given on September 22, 1955 in Shasta Springs 30 min The Sun of Even Pressure fills the center of the Earth Three-quarters of the Earth is this Pure Electronic Force, qualified with Love that no discord can disturb It is a wonderful thing to...

  • Pelleur - 1962-09-21

    Dictation given on September 21, 1962 in Shasta Springs 37 min Hold absolute suntilness in the energy of your feeling To be absolute Master of that feeling is the most vital thing for you to accomplish now I will be your teacher if you will make the...

  • Pelleur - 1963-04-19

    Dictation given on April 19, 1963 in Chicago 50 min The outer self is the aggregate, the accumulation of the energy of the Life Stream used in the past Ask for the Enfolding Mantle of the Sun of Even Pressure from the Center of the Earth around you...

  • Pelleur. - 1951-10-08

    Dictation given on October 8, 1951 at Shasta Springs The Flame in the Heart represents the Sun of Even Pressure, if it is allowed to expand without interruption The natural expansion of the Unfed Flame can pour Its Radiating Love; it is a very...

  • Pelleur. - 1953-12-28

    Dictation given on December 28, 1953 in Chicago 38 min Power of the Sun of Even Pressure Ask for Its Great Secret Power to go forth to help those who are trying to hold to God Redwoods, banyan trees of India, Sandalwood, clove, cinnamon are...