Rex Dictations

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Rex - 1952-08-16


Rex - 1954-08-16`


Rex - 1955-12-31-1


Rex - 1958-08-20

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  • Rex - 1952-08-16

    Dictation given on August 16, 1952 in Shasta Springs 42 min You must have that feeling that America is yours and no one is going to take your Land or freedom awayGod has given America to the Free!Hourly destructive forces draw nearer their annihilationIf...

  • Rex - 1954-08-16`

    Dictation given on August 16, 1954 in Shasta Springs 36 min Sacred Fire, you have been given every conceivable explanation of Call the Authority of the Sacred Fire or Its Victory of any Quality The younger generation must have tremendous...

  • Rex - 1955-12-31-1

    Dictation given on1955-12-31-1in Chicago 47 min If young people could see at Inner Level what the forces are that try to get them into associations If "being good" pulls upon you, that is nothing but hypnotic suggestion Live the outer world's way and go...

  • Rex - 1958-08-20

    Dictation given on August 20, 1958 in Shasta Springs 27 min Illumining Wisdom and Strength of the Light The Ascended Masters' Consciousness is the Light of all Wisdom Problems; demand the Ascended Masters Strength and Wisdom to solve the problem Dream...