Surya Dictations

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Surya - 1954-12-28


Surya - 1969-04-18


Surya. - 1954-04-30

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  • Surya

    Dictation given on January 2, 1963 in Chicago 33 min What the Call to Cosmic Beings means for the descent of the Sacred Fire Heart flame of the Great Central Sun's Sacred Fire Love Feel yourselves enfolded in a Sun Presence Physical action that might...

  • Surya - 1954-12-28

    Dictation given on December 28, 1954 in Chicago 29 min Do not yield to any suggestions. The Great Central Sun's Cosmic Judgment can be drawn in an instant It doesn't take any time for Blue Lightning from Great Central Sun to reach the Earth Do not take...

  • Surya - 1969-04-18

    Dictation given on April 18, 1969 in Chicago 41 min Love, Forgiveness and Mercy When you call to Us, wait just an instant and feel Our Love come into your Life Stream We are making a last supreme effort, mankind cannot go on desiring war If We can make...

  • Surya. - 1954-04-30

    Dictation given on April 30, 1954 in Santa Fe 27 min Great Great Silence Heart Victory. Heart Flame We have been giving you tremendous Commands Feel greater joy in the use of the Holy Power of the Heart Victory of Life