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Victory - 1948-12-12


Victory - 1948-12-19


Victory - 1949-01-13-2

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  • Victory - 1948-12-12

    Dictation given on December 12, 1948 in Chicago 61 min Demand everything you do be crowned with the Cosmic Christ Victory of the Love of the Sacred Fire Resentment closes door to fulfillment of Calls Demand your God Victory with same energy you...

  • Victory - 1948-12-19

    Dictation given on December 19, 1948 in Chicago 51 min Victory of Perfection in every appearance, Victory of the Love of the Cosmic Christ Victory of Our Love of the Sacred Fire No freedom for mankind until they understand the Law of energy How...

  • Victory - 1949-01-13-2

    Dictation given on1949-01-13-2in Chicago 61 min Flame of Victory. That is your home New York subways You must determine what you want to be sensitive to Bills, obligations, crowd your world full to overflowing with boundless opulence. Crowd the...