Patriotic Conclave 2019 Dictations

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Elohim of Purity - 1951-01-16


Godfré - 1950-09-04


Great Cosmic Angel - 1951-01-04


Helios - 1951-05-02


Lady Master Nada - 1951-09-23


Sanat Kumara - 1951-09-06

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  • Elohim of Purity - 1951-01-16

    Dictation given on January 16, 1951 in Santa Fe 57 min Enter into complete Acceptance and "At-one-ment" with these PowersElectronic Presence is a Fiery Being"I AM" My Fiery Victorious "Mighty I AM Presence" that no longer tolerates the humanFiery Law,...

  • Godfré - 1950-09-04

    Dictation given on September 4, 1951 at San Francisco, California 37 minutes Know I am coming closer hour by hour Exercise Saint Germain gave, sometime each day feel a Great Sphere of Blazing White Light With a touch of Violet, pass from the...

  • Great Cosmic Angel - 1951-01-04

    Dictation given on January 4, 1951 in Santa Fe 40 min In your demand for Cosmic Assistance to the Nation, you are the Will of the people "I AM" the Cosmic Law's Demand for the descent of all the Sacred Fire necessary to awaken the people You who...

  • Helios - 1951-05-02

    Dictation given on May 2, 1951 in Santa Fe 43 min You must come to defense of Immortal Purity Transfiguration Flame is purifying Power which is feeling with Unfed Flame Honor Flame must come. Ascension Flame Human desires must be forgotten

  • Lady Master Nada - 1951-09-23

    Dictation given on September 23, 1951 in Los Angeles 50 min You who have been taught use of Violet Flame must step forward and shoulder the responsibility Visualize passing through center of body What Saint Germain did for you in the...

  • Sanat Kumara - 1951-09-06

    Dictation given on September 6, 1951 in Los Angeles 36 min Attention is scissors of the mind. Violet Flame has a wonderful repair department You wear bodies out from within and world wears them out from without Lets make this one last until your...