"Crystal" Cup - large

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Glass Cup
Glass - 10 dia x 10 inch

In order to more fully realize the Sacredness of what the “Crystal Cup” means to us, here are the Words of the Beloved Goddess of Purity:

 I say to you to clear the concept of some who have not thought the “Crystal Cup” was important! You do not yet dream, Precious Ones, what the “Crystal Cup” represents! Your Heart should be a “Crystal Cup” of the Flame of Life! And what would you do without any cups on your planet? Do you not think there is an excuse for that form in existence? If you had no cups on the planet, would you be quite so comfortable? The “Crystal Cup” is a Great Receptacle which is a Great Treasure House of Supply! Our Supply of the Powers, Power, and Light of Life must come to bring you Manifestations from the Octaves Above!

The Voice of the “I AM,” 52.5:15

Beloved Mama gave an explanation of the “Crystal Cup” in Memorial Album #18 as follows:

Beloved Ones, as we take up the Power within the “Crystal Cup,” will you please be reminded that that is the first contact in the outer Tangible Body of our Beloved Saint Germain—with which our Beloved Daddy was privileged to accept and receive from the Great Powers of Light that Mighty Action which cut Him free from all that is of the human, and bound every limitation until such time as it could be completely dissolved.

Saint Germain on the very first meeting gave Him that Power of the “Crystal Cup.” That is why, since It appeared at the Shrine Auditorium last Christmastime—and above It stood our Beloved Victory—from now on let us remember all It means to mankind, all It meant to our Beloved Daddy, all It means and still means to our Own Blessed “I AM” Student Body and to each one individually! 

America, being the Cup of Light to the whole Earth, must have that Light expanded and kept overflowing in Her Cup through the Student Body themselves. Each one’s own home should be a “Crystal Cup” of that Blazing Power of the Light in the Universe which holds Perfection the ruling Authority and the Mighty Supplying Presence to everyone’s home, in every Reading Room and Sanctuary, in every “I AM” Class. The Full Power of the “Crystal Cup” must now pour forth through each one to release Its Mighty Gifts which free all mankind from all lack.

Therefore, in the Adoration to which we shall give It in the future, let us be reminded that It means all of every Divine Thing to the people of Earth. It is the Great “Crystal Cup” of the Universe containing that Light from which every Good and Perfect Thing comes, because Light is the Perfection of Life in Action through all into which that Light is poured. So each of us is not only a “Crystal Cup” of Life, but should call forth the Power of the “Crystal Cup” from the Ascended Masters Octave of Life to release into the atmosphere about us and everywhere in our Country, and then throughout our Country to the world, that Great Power of the Ascended Masters to bring into Action and Manifestation all the Perfection of Their Octave for the people of Earth.